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it came upon the midnight clear

Though I'd been uploading music to the Internet since the beginning of the decade, my first real mix was a collection of Christmas songs posted back in 2005. These last four years have been an interesting trip; through music blogging I've made the acquaintance and friendship of endless talented musicians, writers, artists and knowledgeable music lovers, many that taught me a thing or two. Usually, my yearly Christmas post looks back at the accomplishments of the past twelve months, there's no danger of that occurring this time 'round. It's been a somber and sobering year for most that read this, surviving this one is an achievement - I'll leave all that for my year-end post, I rather keep this as pleasant as possible. Thanks for being here, though things could be better, I'm going into 2010 feeling upbeat - hopefully, you are as well. Without further ado, on to the music...

Lindsey Buckingham: Holiday Road

The Ronettes: Frosty The Snowman

Yo La Tengo: Rock N Roll Santa

Sugar Chile Robinson: Christmas Boogie

The Cats & The Fiddle: Hep Cat's Holiday

Tom Waits: Jesus Gonna Be Here (live)

Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers: Dig That Crazy Santa Claus

The Cadillacs: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Barrington Levy: Christmas Day

Sons Of Heaven: When Jesus Was Born

Coil: Christmas Is Now Drawing Near

Ghostface Killah: Ghostface X-Mas

Little Esther with Johnny Otis: Faraway Christmas Blues

Jimmy Butler: Trim Your Tree

Was (Not Was): Christmas Time In Motor City

Bob Seger & The Last Heard: Sock It To Me Santa

Santo & Johnny: Twistin' Bells

Bob Dylan: Must Be Santa

Mixes from Xmas past:
cool yule

tis the season...

i guess there'll be no airing of grievances this year

deck the hall with boughs of bandwidth
This complete collection of Beatle fan club Christmas recordings has been linked far and wide - among them, the online editions of USA Today and The Village Voice - check it out:
happy chrismas to ya list'nas

To each and every one of you, have a safe and happy holiday season - I'm looking forward to seeing all here next year!web hit counter
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