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i believe in you great pumpkin

Video: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (full version)

One thing for sure - 2009 has been the scariest year in recent memory. Halloween just might be the sort of cathartic therapy needed, maybe a horror movie or three to chase away some of those Great Depression II willies. Perhaps these thirteen scary songs will do the trick as well - throw caution to the wind and be all ears, with these tunes full of frightful fears.

YouTube: Drive In Horror Movie Trailers

Elvis Costello: Spooky Girlfriend

Little Tibia And The Fibulas: The Mummy

The White Stripes: Walking With A Ghost

No Kids: For Halloween

The Who: Boris The Spider

Yacht: Psychic City - Classixx Remix

INXS: Devil Inside

Tech N9ne: Devil Boy

The Seeds: Evil Hoodoo

Billie Jo Spears: Get Behind Me Satan And Push (h/t necrowafer)

The Ventures: He Never Came Back

The Bollock Brothers: Horror Movies

The Grateful Dead: Friend Of The Devil

There's a whole bunch of goodies from the ghosts posts of Halloween past, make sure to visit:
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trick or treat

Have a happy and safe Halloween!web hit counter
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