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The Beastie Boys just remastered Check Your Head, so it seems natural to revisit one of the better tracks off it. They played instruments for the first time on this album, along with a new sound that laid the blueprint for things to come.
Beastie Boys: So What’Cha Want

One of my favorite Zappa songs and much overlooked, for reasons I'm not able to fathom. A classic for the "price of meat" line alone.
Frank Zappa: Cosmik Debris

After making his bones with angsty music, Conor Oberst is smoothing it out with his latest collection, the just released Outer South. More upbeat and Pop-filled than his earlier work, you'll either love his new, more accessible sound or hate the SOB sellout. Listen and decide for yourself.
Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band: Nikorette

Is it about a stunt motorcyclist or a close friend destroying a relationship? Only Thom Yorke knows...
Radiohead: High And Dry

In 1962, the foundation of the War was laid when The Creators formed in Long Beach, California. Six years later, after recording singles with Love saxophonist Jay Contreli, they backed then-LA Ram Deacon Jones' foray into the music business and changed their name to Nightshift. While playing the Rag Doll club in North Hollywood, the band was approached by record producer Jerry Goldstein and former Animals lead singer, Eric Burdon, to back the vocalist in his latest project, War. They recorded Eric Burdon Declares "War", spawning Spill the Wine, which later found new life on the soundtrack of Boogie Nights. After another studio recording, world tours and live album, Burdon and the group went separate ways. Most bands disappear after losing their front person, instead, War turned into a hit machine, with a string of top-ten singles and numerous gold records. No doubt influenced by their massive success, their later recordings got a bit commerical, which took the luster of their earlier earthy output. Slippin’ Into Darkness, from their second album, All Day Music, finds the band in fine Funk form.
War: Slippin’ Into Darkness

It's Mothers Day weekend already? Yikes!web hit counter
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