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the friday five ain't nuthin' ta fuck wit

When Rick James wasn't busy smacking Charlie Murphy around, he was cranking out nonpareil gut-bucket Funk, like today's selection, taken from the 1981 12" vinyl release. This one gets the party started right and quickly.
Rick James: Give It To Me Baby

Since playing on Saturday Night Live last week, music blogs have been abuzz posting tunes from French band Phoenix. Here's one that's not been beat into the ground, courtesy of Post Punk.
Phoenix: One Time Too Many

Surely The Kinks don't need an introduction, a timeless band that will forever be part of my music rotation. From their 1965 US release, Kinda Kinks.
The Kinks: Set Me Free

Copenhagen's Laid Back is one of those marvelous one-hit wonders that turned out a classic song and then disappeared. Prince liked it so much he cloned it with Erotic City - I wonder if His Royal Badness ever gave them proper credit?
Laid Back: White Horse

Recently, discussion turned to what was the first song you'd downloaded from the Net. In my case, it was this gem from Cake concerning the ancient radiation of faintly glimmering radio stations haunting dismembered constellations. When it comes to lyricism, I likes my imagery.
Cake: Frank Sinatra

Have a fantastic weekend, folks!web hit counter
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