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Now that Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer in the US, is in our rear mirror, it's time for some summertime music. Here's a repost from last year - judging by the stats it was one of the more popular posts at snuhthing/anything, so enjoy!

When I was a kid in New York City, a sure sign the summer was about to start was when the local top forty radio station, WABC (now all news), played the Jamies paean to the season. Last year, Chris from Locust St, gave his read on Summertime, Summertime - good stuff, check it out.
The Jamies: Summertime, Summertime - 3MB

The Beach Boys weren't really a surf band, but a vocal group in the tradition of The Four Freshmen (picture a bunch of guys in matching sweaters). Those Beach Boy harmonies would glisten like the sun beating down on a blue flake 1964 Corvette Stingray.
The Beach Boys: The Warmth Of The Sun - 5MB

Who doesn't like Weezer? Maybe parents that were forced to watch the Olsen Twins movie, Holiday in the Sun, where it was used endlessly in the soundtrack. But outside of that...
Weezer: Island In The Sun - 5MB

Here's an interesting personal fact - I attended the same high school as Frank Zappa (not simultaneously, of course). We even shared the same music teacher, Rey Vinole. Mr. Vinole did not like rock music and would even lecture on its evils, so we also shared Vinole's distaste.
Frank Zappa: Village Of The Sun - 8MB

The sun burns fast, but Black Rebel Motorcycle Club languidly burns slow.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: As Sure As The Sun - 11MB

Pharcyde remixes Sublime for a 1998 Delicious Vinyl sampler.
Pharcyde & Sublime: Summertime In The LBC -5MB

I picked this up from WFMU, the home of all things arcane.
Ella Fitzgerald: Sunshine Of Your Love - 5MB

A saucerfull of Pink Floyd.
Pink Floyd: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - 8MB

Have a fantastic summer - don't forget to wear sunscreen!web hit counter
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